Our People

With 60+ permanent, dedicated staff on every project from start to finish, we’re your trusted partners with expertise in design, engineering, fabrication, piping, welding, project management, quality assurance, safety, and more.

Leadership Team


With 25+ years invested in and committed to the industry, Cal’s experience spans the areas of welding manufacturing and industrial processes. His focus on quality work and exceptional service is evidenced by his strong local, national, and international partnerships.

QA Manager

With over 20 years of fabrication experience, Wade brings an innovative mindset to every project, along with wealth of knowledge in Business Management, Project Management, and QA Management. As well as managing quality assurance, Wade deals with day-to-day operations, including quality functions and Welding Procedure Development.

Operations Manager

Frank holds a British Columbia level A welding certificate, an Alberta journeyman first class ticket, an Alberta B Pressure welding Ticket, ACAD Tech certification, and is a CWB weld supervisor. With NorthWest for 10 years, Frank supports major projects with his expertise in fabrication, welding, CAD design, and Project Management.

HDE Advisor

Amy has spent 12+years in the healthcare industry. She has extensive knowledge in the Health and Safety, including client safety and emergency preparedness. Her primary focus is on increasing worker safety, and maintaining COR certified safety system.

Operations Manager

For over 7 years, Kathleen has been running a tight ship in the NorthWest office and supports every area of the business including administration, safety, human resources, quotes, freight, permitting, accounting, and more.

Lead Project Manager & Estimator

With an education in Mechanical Engineering, and extensive knowledge of Steel Fabrication and the Oil Sands Industry, Kiefer’s top-notch skills ensure project success.

Production Manager

With 25+ years of industry experience, Richard is responsible for the safe and efficient execution of projects coming through the facility. With his supervisory, management, and operation expertise, he helps to lead a team of qualified and experienced tradespeople, labourers, and other staff.

Project Manager & Estimator

Trevor brings over 15 years of oil and gas experience in the supply and service sector to NorthWest Fabricators. He estimates for projects and purchases materials for NorthWest, helping to deliver top quality at the right price.

Process Lead

With 20+ years of experience in production line assembly, plus a natural ability to program, operate, troubleshoot, and repair computerized machinery, Derek knows how to streamline and optimize processes, as well as implement innovation.